Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday April 29, 2015 - Slow Friday

Its Friday an I am out on an assignment with limited internet access. It's funny because you now wonder how we lived without interest and cellphones. One day it will be "The Internet Of Things" and autonomous cars.

I was thinking about one of my class sessions in which I introduced crossdressing into my lesson plan.

When I was a young teenager, my Grandmother use to try an pay me to get a haircut because she hated Afro's and she hated that we called each other "black" instead of "colored". We use to smile and ask our Grandmother what was our color? She would get made and walk off. She was born in 1902 in Texas.

In those days, I thought about what would upset me so much when I got old, that I would pay my Grand children to stop. Of course back then, I could not think of anything. But now when I see young men with their pants sagging around their thighs, I finally understand my Grandmother.

So I ask my student if they could image something that their teenage son would do that would make them pay their son not to wear it. They usually can not come up with anything. So I tell then what if their son was going out to a party with their friends and he wore a nice dress, stocking and heels.

My students usually say that they would be upset and would not let them go out. But what if your son said that is the style and women like to see boys with nice smooth legs and a pretty skirt and top. It attracts the girls.

Most of the guys respond with a "hell no". I tell them that is how I feel about pants around the thighs and my Grandmother felt that way about Afros.

Then I bring up Diddy and Kanye West wearing skirts. At that point more of them see the possibility. I tell then to call in 25 years and tell me if I was right.

I use this lecture to introduce change and its acceptance in society. I then move it into technology.

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