Sunday, April 17, 2016

Monday April 18, 2016 - I used a Family Bathroom

Driving back from Orlando, my Grandchildren required a bathroom stop. So I stopped at the Turkey Lake Service Area on the Florida Turnpike. I have a 7 year old Granddaughter and a 5 year old Grandson. I was going to take my Grandson in the restroom with me and I would have to worry about my Granddaughter going in the bathroom by herself. But at 7, she should be OK. I raised three girls and dealt with this many times.

However, once we reached the bathroom area, I saw a Family Bathroom. I laughed because I planned on complaining to the manger for not having a family bathroom. .Yet, there it was. I immediately grabbed my Grandchildren, went in the bathroom and closed the door. It had a urinal, toilet, sink and diaper changing shelf. My Grandson used the urinal and my Granddaughter used the toilet. I made sure both of them washed their hands and then we left.

I liked the Family Bathroom. It was my first time using one. It was very efficient because I did not have to wait outside for the girls to finish.

Forget my gender issue for a few seconds, they needed these back when my children were young. They need more of them for parents with young children of the opposite gender.

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