Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday April 11, 2016 - Makeup for Sunday Outing

I got back from the gym around noon. I took my shower and decided to figure out my clothes for the day. After I dressed and got my hair together, I went into the bathroom to put on "my face".

I used the technique I learned from my Ulta Beauty makeover. I like Sunday's results but I still need practice. Putting on makeup is fun, but it takes practice because there are so many options and application techniques.

I use to put on foundation first. Now I start with a primer over may face. Then I moved to my eyes.

Eyebrows: I used a spoolie brush to get my eyebrow hairs going in the same direction. I have had electrology on my brows, so they are now naturally arched and shapely. But the spoolie makes them look a little better. The eyebrow pencil I used was a little too dark but I used it to box in and frame my eyebrows. I then added a light concealer above and below my brows to bring them out. I blended the a light eyeshadow powder over the brows to lighten them. I am going to go back to my dark brown eyebrow pencil in hopes to lightening the appearance.

Eyeshadow:  I saw a video in which white eyeshadow was places under the eyebrow arch, the center of the eyelid and the corner of the eye. I then added a neutral color across my upper lid which is under my brows. This was followed by a dark purple in the crease and outer park of the lid. Finally I put a brown on the inside part of my eyelid. Then I blended it all in. I need to learn more about color and what are my objectives with my shadow.

Eyeliner: I added the outside wing first. Then I placed black eyeliner along my bottom waterline and connected it to the wing. I am still not confident enough to add liner along my upper waterline. I added liner just above my eyelashes and connected it to the wing. Finally, I  thicken to the back half of my upper line. This creates the catlike look with wings.

Eyelashes: I am pretty good at adding mascara to my top and bottom lashes. I add a layer to my lashes. On my upper lashes, I coat both the top and bottom of my lashes. I then waited and worked on the next area. I came back and added a second coat. I then came back toward the end and curled them.

Foundation: Now I added my foundation. I now use two foundations. I use the lighter foundation under and around my eyes. I blended that foundation around my eyes,down to the corner of my nose and up around to the back of my eyes.  Next I added my base foundation, from my blush area down to the base of my neck.. I added it by places dots of foundation and then using my hands, I spread it around to make sure I cover the area. I blended all of the foundation over my face. I took the light foundation blender sponge and went over my nose, up to the center of my eyebrows and down thru the bow of my lip to my chin.

Blush: I added blush in that area where the two foundations converge. I started at the apple of my cheek, up to the back of my eyes. I blended it down.

Contour: I added a dark contour below the blush area and blended it in my cheek area and moving it back and up, following my blush line.

Lipstick: I added my lip liner along the line of my lips and then used  to cover my total lip area. I added my lipstick and followed it up with clear lip gloss.

I like the look. But I want to try a white eyeliner and improve my application. This comes with practice and trying different looks.

Now I can understand why young girls have makeup playtime together. To learn application and try difference products.

BTW, Karen complimented me on my makeup and the public used female pronouns all day.

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